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Since 1987, our dedicated team of representatives have promoted the growth of the lines we serve in the New England region. We pride ourselves on our transparency, unique blend of styles and experience, and our quick responses to any and all questions and concerns. Our efforts on behalf of the manufacturer's we represent have seen up to double digit growth in our territories.

We are honored to have the successful long-term relationships with the manufacturers we represent. We cover industries ranging from food service to hospitality, healthcare, and beyond. Whatever your needs are, we have the knowledge and the expertise to get you the results you are looking for. Click "More" for a detailed list of the lines we proudly represent.

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Thanks to All Who Attended Our Successful (and Socially-Distant) Electrolux Professional SkyDuo Presentation!

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to present the new Electrolux Professional Skyline Combi/Blast Chiller System featuring the innovative SkyDuo technology to the FE&S Industry! We hope you left full of knowledge as well as great food!

Electrolux Professional Logo

Electrolux Professional Launches SkyLine


Save on Time, Money, and Mess with doughXpress!

Avoid the hassle of hand stretching dough. You won't miss the mess! 

Now more than ever, cleaning and sanitation plays an integral role in day to day restaurant operation. Swap out that messy flour bin for an easy-to-use dough press from doughXpress! 

Hearth Pizzeria Reclaims Space with Berner Air Curtain
Pizzeria Warms Up Patrons & Entrance Interiors with a Heated Air Curtain
Hearth Pizzeria’s interior entrance area was so cold during the winter months that patrons moved tables and chairs away from the pizzeria’s sunny storefront views of downtown Needham, Massachusetts.

Italforni presents the New Generation TS Stone Conveyor Ovens!

Turbo Air's Innovative Self-cleaning Condenser
Turbo Air’s patented Self-cleaning Condenser is an innovative feature that uses a fine mesh filter to catch the dust,
while the rotating brush moves up and down 2~3 times a day to remove the excess outward and away from the condenser,
effectively preventing dust from accumulating in the first place.
This allows your system to maintain the highest efficiency while mitigating premature system failure.

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